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Shakti Bhasma Sudha

Withania Sominfera  one of the most powerful herb well known for it restorative benefits. Helps combat stress after workout. Contains essential vitamins , minerals and other needed nutrients to maintain body’s delicate balance

Glycine Max : It has high protein content, vitamins, mineral and insoluble fiber. The high fiber makes it more valuable in case of constipation and high cholesterol.

Pueraria tuberosa: it is to rejuvenate for both mind and body, provide strength to the body and boosts its immunity . It acts as rasyaan and aids digestion

Asphaltum Punjabianum  : this is a herbal health supplement , natural immune enhancer and helps in improved performance of cells and tissues of the body and also good agent in defying aging.

Loh bhasma : It improves strength , immunity, skin texture, memory, intelligence and digestive power.

Each 100 Gms Contains

अश्वगंधा : २० ग्राम
प्रोटीन : २० ग्राम
सतावर : २० ग्राम
कोंच बीज : २० ग्राम
शिलाजीत : १० ग्राम
इलायची : ५ ग्राम
चीनी : १ ग्राम
लोहभस्म : २ ग्राम
ग्लूकोस  : २ ग्राम


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